Monday, May 9, 2011

Thor review

Went and saw Thor this weekend. My review, in a word, great!

Here are some details (no spoilers).

The visual effects are amazing. The scenes in Asgard look great. The casting is fantastic! Everything looks really good.

The acting is phenomenal and I love that the movie captures a lot of the relationship issues in the house of Odin.

Thor certainly comes across as a bad ass so his appearance in The Avengers should be phenomenal!

I loved a brief cameo by Hawkeye (not in costume).

The movie borrowed heavily from the Walt Simonson days of Thor, which is just as it should be, in my opinion. Walt wrote the Thor that everyone fell in love with and I like that they kept a lot of that for the movie.

The Warrior's Three were great! I did have one question, where was Baldur The Brave? But the movie does fine without him. Very epic film, good casting, acting, action and effects. Really no reason to miss this one!

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  1. good call, i too liked it... and with some of the super hero movies coming out, i had my doubts on "thor". it was light-heart'd and thank you... on hawkeye i could not remember which avanger he was.