Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I realized something today. There are millions of people whose opinions I care nothing about!

That sounds mean, but I don't intend to sound mean. What I am saying though is this:

There are plenty of people who might think GGE stories are "weird". There are people who may think I am a terrible writer and that GGE will never make it as a small publisher, entertainment company, comic press, etc.

Most of the people who think that are people whose opinion mean nothing to me.

On the other hand, there are people whose opinion does matter to me. Very much. These are people I respect, admire, and care about.

Let me brainstorm a few of them. I'm sure I will miss some - if I forget your name, don't be upset...if you are reading this, then I probably care what you think!

Michelle Gates, James Gates, John Gates, Abigail Gates, Tim Green, Josh Green, Natalie Green, David Bond, Deborah Bond, Keith Pruett, Jeremy Harvey, David Burdett, Jeff Rozic, Bassel Majzoub, Sean Taylor, Frank Fradella, Ed Crandell, Bobby Nash, Danny Kelly, Dody Eka, Del Hewitt, Bruce Carlisle, William Sexton, Ted Whittenbarger, Calvin Daniel, Scott Claringbold, Marci Baun, Alex Adams, Jeremy (of i Zombie), Rick Floyd, Bill Harrison, Jackie Orton, Stephen Zimmer, Sean Fannon, Walter Rhein, Johnny White, Mark Swart, Tim Arthur, Steve Nibbelink, Buffy Cary, Jennifer Shepherd, Seth Godin, Joe Konrath, Evan Jensen, Barry Reese, Ron Hanna, Rob Siders, Gillian Pearce, Jeff Gonsalves, Joe Abercrombie, Chris Guillebeau, Shane Berryhill, Cory Doctorow, David Peterson, Patrick Rothfuss, Barry Willdorf, Jay Piscopo, Michael Hamersky, Dan Barnes, Randy Belaire, Breanne Brady.

That's just a few like-minded folks who love fantasy, science fiction, superheroes, wizards, dragons, zombies, vampires, etc.

For those of you writing, creating, etc...make sure you are listening to the right people. And more importantly, make sure you are ignoring the right people.

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  1. i am always looking forward to your views on things from writing, entertainment, life and the ever popular zombies.
    Moving on up in the world, don't look back!
    jeremy [iZombie]