Thursday, May 19, 2011


Started GGE's newest property last night. A horror novel with the working title of "Stitch". We have planned and planned this one. Maybe planned a bit too much. I realized that we could keep planning forever, or I could write something and we could adjust on the way.
I am so glad I started! The story feels "right". It is fun to write! Our storytelling gets better and better with each property we develop.
I am also glad we switch genres around. We write some fantasy, some young adult, some western gothic, then some horror. We might not be good at one of those...hopefully we aren't bad at all of them!
I did something with Stitch that I haven't done before. I put together a soundtrack. I made a playlist on iTunes of songs that reflect the mood of the book.
It is longer than a soundtrack. I need it to be able to play for a couple of hours. Here's a preview, "Little Red Riding Hood" by the River City Ramblers is on there. That song creeps me out. Fortunately, it also helps put me in just the right mood to write about "Stitch".

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