Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Finally got to watch "Zombieland". I loved it! There is something about a movie that is just unapologetically about one thing and one thing only...in this case that thing is killin' zombies.

Zombieland didn't pretend to be a great drama or anything. It was a look at the zombie apocalypse with a slightly humorous bent and two seriously flawed heroes. I would even like to see a sequel and I think this movie lends itself to an unapologetic sequel cashing in on the first movie without trying to come up with something new or different.

Not for the kids, just because the zombies are pretty well done and the language is a little rough for youngsters. I will certainly need to add this one to my zombie collection. Oh yeah, and in the event of zombie-apocalypse, Columbus' rules for survival might just come in handy.


  1. zombieland II [2011]...

    yeah! fun movie, as you have said. never takes itself to serious, pay attention hollywood...


  2. My 12 year old wants to watch it...I'm not so sure. A bit of gore, but he's probably seen worse in video games.