Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How do you find the time?

Last night at my house was a frenzy of picking up children, feeding children, dropping off children, homework and housecleaning.
After that, there was 45 minutes to run on the treadmill and then  I had to attend to my own studies (working on a Master's Degree). After that, I read a little while to unwind (Storm of Iron, by Graham McNeill)

Finally, I had an hour or so to write. It took me well past a reasonable bed time. This didn't leave much time for relaxing with the wife or little ones. I am suffering through a sore throat and I'm wondering if that is not from burning my candle at both ends and the resulting exhaustion.

So, I manage to write still and I'm proud of myself, but it's pretty darn difficult. How do others find the time? Any tips, tricks, techniques out there? Let's share.


  1. i salute your efforts!...
    as an unemployed zombie, i find myself with lots of crazy time. so i update and create stuff, with the hopes of keeping my mind active... so bravo on all your life, education and the children.

  2. I try to stay busy. My wife says too busy. Way to go on keeping active! Sharpen the saw. Love your blog.

  3. thank you, got a some well needed praise... silly as the site started, it is the most popular of all my sites...

    also, you should enter the zombie madness contest, if you have not yet... banner at top...

    i enjoy your insight to things that make the world move, but without your family it moves slow...

    take care!