Monday, March 29, 2010

Interesting insights from Seth

Seth Godin had some interesting things to say about book publishing yesterday (and it continues in today's blog entry).

Thoughts? We have talked a lot on this blog about self publishing, but by itself, when dealing with fiction, self publishing has been like a bridge to nowhere. At least historically? Is that changing?

There are thousands of writers who hope so and a bunch who will vehemently say that it is changing, but is it really or is that wishful thinking?

Some industries see this working well, or reasonably well...comics, music, non-fiction...but even those require a huge amount of effort from the artist in terms of self promotion and self marketing.

Is now the time to launch and independent publishing empire with multiple product lines, speaking engagements, convention appearances, conferences and opportunities to connect like minded people?

Sounds great, but is it a bridge to nowhere?

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