Sunday, August 2, 2009

Green Lantern: First Flight

Had the chance to check out Green Lantern: First Flight last night. It is a new movie from Warner Bros. I should stress it is an animated movie. Of course, at GGE, we have no problem with animation, anime, comics or whatever media it might take to convey a cool story. Some folks allow themselves to miss out on some excellent stories because they buy into the misconception that if it is "drawn" it must be "for kids".
Anyway...I digress! Green Lantern: First Flight is a must-see (and a must-own for you collectors out there). Of course the art is fantastic, but we expect no less from Warner Brothers, but the story is great!
Why is the story so good? Well, let me tell you...
Green Lantern has never had a great arch nemesis. Sure, everyone would point out Sinestro as GL's polar opposite, but it is with a half-hearted wave. Not the immediate recognition that you get with Lex Luthor (for Superman) or The Joker (for Batman).
Well, First Flight goes a long way towards remedying this. We have long known Sinestro is an ex-Green Lantern himself (more on this later) but this story shows his fall from grace. It is remniscient of "Training Day" with Denzel Washington in which the veteran Green Lantern (Sinestro) trains a rookie (Hal Jordan - our Green Lantern) before eventually ending up on the wrong side of the power ring. Very well done and Sinestro is very well presented and quickly becomes villain that viewers can love to hate.
Another great thing about Green Lantern is, as with many of GGE's top favorites, that Green Lantern is cross genre at its best. Green Lantern is not so much a super hero as he is a member of an elite military unit charged with protecting the galaxy. There are 3600 of them scattered across the galaxy (sort of like Jedi Knight). So, with any Green Lantern story, you get super hero action and a healthy dose of science fiction as well. First Flight pulls this off really well.
So...go watch this movie!

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