Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Made!

I saw an interesting add today for Best Made Axe. It is a company that sells hand made Axes, produced in NJ. They are sold online and exclusively at a single store in NYC. They are made of hickory (from TN) and sell for between $250-$500 dollars. I am guessing, based on price, that they would be very well-made axes. I can’t say if they are the “best” or not as I am not qualified to judge an axe beyond whether it chops or does not chop wood and other items. Perhaps an axe murderer or a lumberjack would be a better endorsement. What interests me though is the business idea itself. Not what many would consider in terms of launching a successful business, but this company reports having done very well since their launch. It’s funny how some businesses toil in obscurity while others hit upon just “the thing” and turn passion into profit and never look back.

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