Saturday, August 15, 2009

Star Trek: The Experience

Recently visited Star Trek: The Experience at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. If you're a Star Trek fan, then you should definitely get yourself to this exhibit. I think it is a traveling exhibit. It is at The Franklin Institute for a few more weeks.
Gene Roddenberry, I am sure, would be amazed if he saw how far the script for "The Menagerie" took him. He had a vision and it grew far beyond what he initially envisioned, but the point is, he had a vision.
Along with the vision though, he did something about it. He wrote and wrote and wrote. He crafted his skill on detective shows and "Have Gun Will Travel". He had pilot shows made and then they were not picked up. He didn't let this destroy him. He didn't quit. He kept writing. Then, he finally sold Star Trek.
One would think the rest was history, but not so fast...the show had budget trouble and censorship issues and was canceled. Gene never gave up and eventually, years later, it came back and he was ready to roll again. Now, Thirty years after it's comeback, it is a hit movie and a museum exhibit and has about a million books, comic books, toys, etc.
It started with a vision. Then there was a lot of work and then there was a LOT of "stick-to-it-ive-ness"

So there you go:
1) Dream
2) Work (as GGE says, no one can do your pushups for you)
3) Never give up

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