Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paranormal Evidence

I don't have any...but I wish I did. It would be cool if I did.
What if some random blogger came across paranormal evidence and posted it.
Of course, he or she would immediately be targeted by the paranormal agents themselves wanting to keep their shadowy existence secret and they would also be targeted by some government agency trying to keep the lid on the news as well.
Meanwhile, our hero tries to stop the paranormal agents from instigating their nefarious plot, which of course the government wants as well, leading to an inevitable team up.

Sound interesting? Write the rest of it!

What is a writer?...a combination of an idea person (which I just posted an example of the idea) and a worker, meaning the person who takes the idea and chops the wood (meaning he or she does the work of writing). When one person has both those qualities, then (in my humble opinion) they have all the makings of a writer. All that is left to do is...write!

Someone want to write about our blogger of the paranormal? Go for it.

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