Friday, July 10, 2009

Industry News

Just a few quick bites:
  1. San Diego Comic Con is coming up at the end of July. That is an awesome show for all comic fans!
  2. Sadly, there is currently no Superman live action movie in development. Apparently, in 2013, all Superman rights revert to the heir of Siegel and Schuster (who created Superman). I am sure they will use the rights to produce Superman related material. Kind of scary, kind of exciting
  3. Green Lantern: First Flight is an animated Green Lantern movie being released in a couple of weeks. My prediction, based on the last few DC Animated Universe movies - it will be damn cool!
  4. There is supposedly a Green Lantern live action film in the works. Since we at Green Gates share our first name with Green Lantern, allow me to comment - a live action GL movie could be awesome and it could totally be an opportunity for some cross genre superhero/sci-fi action. GL is a super hero, but he is also a space cop and Guardian of sector 7 (we live in sector 7 apparently)
  5. Spiderman 4 is being talked about at least. I am a little ho hum about this news at this point.
  6. There might be a Star Wars live action show being shot soon. Cool. Supposedly featuring more relationship and character related story lines so as to appeal to a more mature audience. Sadly enough, even the Clone Wars cartoon appeals to me. I am probably not a good example of a mature audience though.
  7. The next Star Trek movie is on for like 18 months from now (rumor from the dude that played Scotty). That should be great. I am looking forward to the DVD release of the latest Trek movie for the inevitable cut scenes.
  8. For gamers out there Mass Effect 2 will be released early next year. I am not a huge gamer, but Mass Effect was AWESOME and I will definitely buy Mass Effect 2
  9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is just over a week or so away from release. My suggestion: get all the Potter movies and stage a weekend Harry marathon to get up to speed for the newest film
  10. GGE watched "Push" on DVD. Our review is to give it a grade of D. Not exactly failing. The background is awesome. The premise is solid, but the movie pacing itself was weak. Could have had a lot more tension, conflict and power versus power throw downs. There were some cool scenes but overall a less-than-stellar effort. I will of course buy a personal copy so as to provide support for "superhero" movies and do my part to ensure they continue to be produced.


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