Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Legacy of the Force

Most anyone interested in anything GGE has to say will also be interested in all things Star Wars. That's not to say 100%. If you are here and not a Star Wars fan, then we welcome you! We just don't understand you.
Anyway, I have been reading this book series entitled "Legacy of the Force". It takes place decades after the last movie (Return of the Jedi being the last in chronological order, not release order). It deals with the children of the Skywalkers and the Solos.
It's pretty good. I love seeing what else goes on in the Star Wars universe. It is inspiring to see how much has grown from Lucas's initial idea for the three movies (which had to start with a single hit film). It does make me wonder how much more that world can support. There is a lot in this series that casual fans might not get. Beyond that, it's 9 or 10 books long. Why not stick with the three-part story arc made popular by the films?
For those of you who wander by to see what we're reading or to participate in the discussion of all that is new and relevant in the sci-fi/fantasy/superhero fiction world, this is a good book. It is especially good if you want to see more Jedi Vs. Sith stuff.
The best part about this series though...it makes me want to create my own "Star Wars" so thirty years from now people might be blogging about my characters.

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