Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mid Year

Almost to mid year. Time to evaluate those 2012 goals and see how we are doing. How are you going with yours?
In taking a look at mine, I got GGE Publishing launched..sort of. First story still to be published. We started "Stitch", saw "The Battle of Caerlon" published and made progress on "Return To Glory". In the personal life I have kept up my fitness goals and had lots of good family time (there is a lot more detail on those goals in my personal "goals" file).
Here is what I would like to do for the remainder of 2012.

  • ·         Finish Lisanor - The second in The Pendragon Chronicles
  • ·         Finish Rodentia - GGE's rated G story. about 75% complete.
  • ·         Publish Seeds of Vyldur - The first GGE published novel.
  • ·         Edit/rewrite RTG - About 50% complete
  • ·         Edit Warchitect - Underway
  • ·         Begin Stitch (finish first draft) - Underway
  • ·         Possibly publish RTG - The second GGE published work
  • ·         Begin planning more for Pantheon - A superhero style project for development next year (2013).

 So let's see how we do on those by December!
What are your goals? How are you going?

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