Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Battle of Caerlon - release date (it's today)

Green Gates has officially released it's first title! How excited am I? Numb with excitement!

It's an ebook from Double Dragon Press.

"The Battle of Caerlon" is the first in the Pendragon Chronicles. (the second is 90% complete already).

This all stemmed from my idea that the Pendragon Legend needed serious updating, and not the updating that has been going on lately where writers try and tell what it was "really" like. King Arthur may have existed, who knows, but the story is a fantasy story. Magic, Dwarves, Monsters and all that jazz. It needs to be written for the modern fantasy readers. That story, the one where Arthur is a young warrior, destined for greatness as he tries to stem off an invasion and put down eleven rebel kings all while magic is crashing down onto Britannia and mucking with the world around him...that story begins here...

Check it out here!

Here's the synopsis;

Britannia is shattered by war. Rome has withdrawn, leaving the island kingdom in ruins. Eleven Rebel Kings have elected King Lot as High King in direct opposition to The Council of Kings. The Council has elected Arthur, the son of Uther Pendragon- the former High King- as their Dux Bellorum, or War Duke. Arthur has assembled a force of the land’s mightiest heroes into The Pendragon Legion and has taken the field against the rebel kings. Meanwhile, King Lot, his own forces comprised of Uther’s greatest generals, has allied himself with the darkest of magic in his bid to defeat The Pendragon Legion and become Britannia’s High King. The ensuing war pits fathers against sons and brothers against brothers as the battle between good and evil threatens to engulf all of the land.

So go check it out at Double Dragon Press. If you aren't crazy about it...I apologize, but it's the legend as I see it. Full of war, blood, magic, sex, betrayal and all that makes drama interesting. 


  1. great news... all the best!
    if you want some coverage send me over the stuff you are using to promote.

  2. Thanks all! I am really happy. I know it won't appeal to everyone (enough publishers rejected it to assure me of that) but I enjoyed playing with the legend and trying to bring some of our modern fantasy tropes to the story.