Sunday, June 3, 2012

Game of Thrones

I really enjoy Game of Thrones on HBO. I love the books. If you haven't read them, do right now. Stop reading this post and go buy one of them.
Seriously though, I find it super inspirational and immersive and interesting. I have thought this since I picked it up in 1996 and started the first page.
One thing I love about the series is also the one thing that drives me crazy.
What I expect to happen...that never happens. Many of the events that occur in the story are so unexpected. I think the story is going to go one way and it goes in a completely different direction. It does this in a way that makes it super interesting...I guess a lot like life. The people who should get married don't always get married. The people who should live are sometimes killed. Sometimes Brett Favre and the Vikings lose to the Saints and we don't get to see the Favre/Manning Superbowl I always dreamed of...but I digress.

This series has been fantastic from the start. If you like fantasy, then you should be watching. It has great action, cool magic (that is more than a little scary), dragons, zombies and wizards and all in a way that is cool and completely without camp...and if that's not enough, the steamy scenes are well worth the watching.

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  1. As a Wisconsin resident and Packer Owner, I can say that there are now two "F" words in my state and you just mentioned one of them. I hate the Queens, that interception to keep them out of the Super Bowl was the the epitome of poetic justice.
    By the way, "The Bone Sword" is currently free for Amazon Prime users!