Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Step!!!!

Green Gates Entertainment is definitely launching a publishing arm in 2012. Does this mean we aren't still selling stories to others? Nope. We have a three book deal with Double Dragon Press and we are still under contract with Wild Child Publishing and we'll keep writing and shopping stories around.
Here's the two factors that went into this decision though:

  1. Even the stuff we have sold has taken years to get out to the public. Maybe this represents lost revenue, but at the very least, we can get things to market more quickly. 
  2. There are other writers out there who are not currently affiliated with GGE who write speculative fiction that is very cool. We can help bring these authors to print as well.
So, we have come close to signing our first author AND we are going to start producing some of our own works as well. It should be very exciting!

What are the challenges? The biggest is overcoming the "small press" stigma. People are so used to small press works being sub-standard. We will struggle with overcoming this perception. Personally, I think with devotion to quality and keeping our standards high, we won't produce drek, but only time and public opinion will tell.
In the meantime, check out the new publishing website.

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