Thursday, September 8, 2011


As I mentioned on Facebook (and Twitter for that matter), I have been watching all three seasons of Sons of Anarchy over the last couple of weeks.
S.O.A may not seem like my normal fare since it involves no zombies, wizards, dragons, knights, etc. but I find that I love the show.
The reason? That's easy. It is majorly cross genre, in my opinion.
The show is ostensibly about a motorcycle gang in California, but to me, the show is a first class western.
There are outlaws, lawmen, gunfights, horses (harleys in this case), a ranch (the clubhouse) and lots of leather.
It's like Gunsmoke, meets Bonanza, meets Have Gun Will Travel only edgier and with a bit more grey around the notion of good and bad. Of course, ever since Shane, we have been entranced with the bad guy as the hero when it comes to our westerns.
Season 4 just cranked up on FX. I'm stil finishing season 3, but this show rocks!

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