Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crimson Alliance

So I wandered across Crimson Alliance on the Xbox Video Marketplace last night on Xbox Live while planning to download a movie.
The game said it was a free RPG so I thought I would try it out. I have been a longtime fan of fantasy RPGs and have played quite a few.
When I downloaded it and cranked it up, I notice instant similarities to Gauntlet, Diablo and Diablo II.
Possibly my bestest gaming memory ever was playing through Diablo online with my two best chums all the way from start to end-game.
Crimson Alliance has the same feel. I only played a single level and didn't get much into character development. It looks like there are a few add-ons for purchase.
It seems to have a pretty decent storyline but I didn't get too much of that in the short time I played. I liked the backstory. A combination of "Nimue and Merlin" meets "Countess Bathory".
So, I will be playing a bit more today. My gamertag is Biothrax. If you are on, look me up!

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