Monday, August 15, 2011

Madden Franchise wish list

So I have been known to play some Madden on my Xbox.
In fact, it's probably the game I play most, with the possible exception of The Mass Effect series. I don't think I play like other people do though. I basically play Franchise mode all the time. I think I use it as a sort of football role-playing game. I think other people might like to do the same thing. Having said that, here is my Madden Franchise wish list:
1. The ability to carry my team from Madden 2011 to Madden 2011
2. More pictures for the computer generated dudes. After awhile, they all look related
3. For computer generated players only, some off-the-field headlines like drugs, suspensions, opening hospitals, getting married so you would have team "bad boys" and league paragons
4. The ability to quickly edit computer player's appearance and numbers
5. Tattoos on players and other customization
6. Some cut scenes like Blitz: The League
7. Occasional career ending injuries
8. Post retirement updates on players. Some go into coaching. Someone commercials.
9. Endorsements for computer players. You could have player commercials during loading scenes (using real sponsors like Snickers)
10. Better advancement for players who are used a lot. I want to take a player ranked at like a 31 and develop him into a Tom Brady.

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