Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ruby Falls Haunted Caverns

My good friend and partners latest commercial haunt opened to wide aclaim this weekend. Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern is up and running and ready to scare the pants off of anyone in the Chattanooga, TN area.
I am not a Chattanooga resident these days, but I hope to get down and get haunted at least once before Halloween. I have been to this haunt in previous years and it is kind of spooky and all that, but mainly its just plain cool. It's cool because they pick a theme and make everything focus around that theme. It's an immersive environment from the minute you get there and that makes it so much better than just a spook house with random people in costumes jumping out and saying "Boo" (or some variation on that theme).
You can go to other haunts in the Chattanooga, but don't miss this one. Well worth the admission price.
Even the website is cool. Check it out.

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