Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cross Genre

I was having an email discussion about "cross genre" a few days ago and it occurred to me that no everyone may love cross genre like I do...and I promptly decided it was because they didn't know what I meant.
Here are some of the best examples:
  1. Firefly (the show) or Serenity (the movie): the best sci-fi western I have ever seen
  2. Star Wars: full of science fiction, fantasy and western stuff (Han Solo is the coolest gunslinger around)
  3. Alien: Science Fiction/Horror
  4. Predator: Science Fiction/Horror
  5. Ravenous: Western/Horror
  6. Event Horizon: Science Fiction/Horror
  7. The Valley of Gwangi (GREAT MOVIE): Western/Horror
  8. The Matrix: Science Fiction/Superheroes
  9. Green Lantern: Science Fiction/Superheroes
  10. Outlander (the new movie): Science Fiction/Fantasy
  11. Dune: Science Fiction/Fantasy
  12. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: Crosses a bunch (Fantasy/Western/Science Fiction)
  13. Any of the HArry Dresden books by Jim Butcher: Fantasy/Detective
  14. A little know book "Arthur Warlord" by Dafyd Ab Hugh: Great example of a fantasy/science fiction

A short list there, but some of my favorites. I would love for Greengates to eventually have some stories on that list!

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