Thursday, September 24, 2009

Geek essentials

Just saw this from Blizzard. You can buy the "Tankard of Terror". How cool is that? I'm not a major player in the mmorpg realm (I don't even have an active WOW account! Yikes!) but this is a cool collectible. I mau have to have one to quaff a frosty brew while playing some Warcraft III (I'm more of a RTS guy myself).

Also saw this. This company takes a screenshot of your WOW character and builds you a little miniature of the character. Looks really detailed. I am geek enough that even though I don't have an active account, I would love to have a little representation of my character to look at and brag about. Relive adventures, that sort of thing.

Not only are both of these awesome geek essentials, but they are also great examples of Blizzard building a game into a brand in-and-of-itself, but also both are great examples of companies who did not invent a property, still managing to make money using someone elses brainchild. Opportunities are out there. Way to go 3Point and figureprints!

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