Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Motivates You?

"I love to create things, but I lack the motivation to put pen to paper."

That is a really common problem. If everyone had the motivation, we would be awash in awesome stories and media and movies and tv and the independent market would be flourishing and those less-than-stellar stories would become stellar or disappear.
So, how does one get motivation when there is none in ready supply? For me, I have to fake it. Like working out or dieting or building a fence. I may not feel great about doing some work that day, but I force myself to do it anyway. I tell others how excited I am to be working on it. Sometimes the enthusiasm is so infections that it infect me! Other times, I force myself to nail up a couple of planks in the fence (metaphor for typing a few paragraphs) and usually this motivates me.
I am a firm believer in "get it written, then get it right". I find I am much more motivated to polish a "completed" work so I force myself to get it completed. To quote my favorite motivator, Dale Carnegie, "Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiatic!"

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