Monday, March 23, 2009

Inaugural Post!

Hey, this is a new blog. It is, ostensibly, a blog from Green Gates Entertainment. Green Gates Entertainment, for now, is a small company (consisting of Green and Gates) and we are producing stories for publication in a few different media, such as novels, comics, etc.
This blog is NOT about our stories though...oh, it may be about them a little, sometimes, but mainly this blog is about our favorite genres. What are our favorite genres? It's pretty safe to say anything with swords, wizards, zombies, spaceships or superheroes. That is to say: fantasy, science fiction and horror.
Let's talk about the genre! Let's make it mainstream! Let's even discuss some of what GGE is doing so you can tell us if you like it or don't like it. Then, we will ignore you! No, we will never ignore you, but we may not the risk of sounding like Popeye, we are who we are and that's all that we are.

Later gator

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