Friday, March 27, 2009

What GGE is working on

Just thought I would share what GGE is working on. Feel free to chime in with your own projects. We aren't looking to nab anyone's ideas, but maybe can inspire one another and discuss our goals.
We put together a book last year, a short novel in a "western gothic" setting. It's working title is "The Forsaken". It is a horror novel set in the old west. It basically just needs some polishing, but it will be shopped around this summer.
We are making "The Forsaken" into a screenplay as well. I'm about 75% through writing the screenplay.
Our new project is called "Insurrection" (working title). It's a fantasy novel, but with some notable differences from "standard" fantasy settings. We wanted to put our spin on the genre. I'll blog some more about "our spin" tomorrow.

Those are our major projects right now. We will be shopping those around this year. We will start a new project in the fall. We'll talk more about this in the weeks to come!

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