Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its about time

I love Batman and I have for a long time. I love that there have been changes and advancements. Dick Grayson became Nightwing. Jason Todd showed up and died.
Tim Drake showed up and became the best Robin ever before leaving to be Red Robin and lead the Teen Titans and now Damon Wayne, Bruce's son has shown up and is a different Robin all together.
Batgirl had her back broken and become Oracle. It's all so poignant.
For awhile even, Batman was lost in time and Dick Grayson took on the cape and cowl (as the heir apparent).
We know in the future, Batman retires and a new Batman takes over (Batman Beyond)
I think the fact that such major changes have occurred over time and have not been "undone" by reboots and things like that have been one of the reason that Batman is such an enduring and well-loved character.
Spider man has seen similar changes, but not like the Bat.
There is probably a lesson here for writers. Your characters have to change, grow and evolve if they are to endure.

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