Thursday, November 10, 2011


So, I spent the last few days at a Convention for Pharmaceutical Engineers. I'm not an Engineer, but in my other job, I sell drugs. I'm in the much-maligned pharmaceutical industry, but that's a debate for another day.
Here's my point though. I am sitting in the convention listening to the speeches and I was reminded of all of the fantasy and science fiction conventions I have gone to and I was committed more than ever to spending more time in the speculative fiction world.
At a conference of Engineers I feel like the Goose in a duck-duck-goose game. I am just not like the others. At a Fantasy Convention, I feel like I am at home. Sure there are some folks at the fantasy cons that are a little "out there" but for the most part, it feels like these are my people.
I think there was a good lesson for me in all of this. I think it is extremely important for us who have a foot in two worlds to ensure that we spend time in both.
I need my pharmaceutical job, but I don't have to BE that job. I can be good at it and use it to finance te dream (GGE).

Thoughts? Are you in two worlds? How do you juggle them both?

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