Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mundania Press

Sometimes writers are left wondering what publishers they should approach. There are so many choices. There are so many big publishing houses out there, but a few only talk to you if you send in an agented submission.
Then there are the few (like Tor and Baen) for whom you don't need an agent, but they are deluged with submissions. Of course, I would still suggest submitting to them. Personally, I have a collection of rejection letters from both.
Then there is the small press. Some of these are vanity publishers in disguise and should be completely avoided.
Which of the rest are "the good ones"?
I don't know about a lot of them, but I know about a couple. Wild Child Publishing is one of them (I have a contract with them now) and another is Mundania Press.
I have worked with Mundania in the past and they are professional, polite and attentive. By the same token, they publish good books by good authors and a writer could do a lot worse than being associated with Mundania.


  1. how do you go about getting published, i know internet options is one way... but i mean in a good old fashioned book. i wrote several books that have never seen the light of day in ten years. i recently gave a friend a book to read and he is intrigued and very positive... but i know he is a friend.

    i tried and got many rejections in the past. now i keep going back to the same company every few years, because i know they are the ones i want to produce it. i wish they would see it...

    any thoughts or insight... i am on my countdown to death and i want to leave something for someone...


  2. I wish I had better insight. You are doing the right thing by resubmitting routinely. Sometimes a "no" is really a "not right now". A couple of thoughts though - you could submit to some small presses with some of your work (like Wild Child and Mundania). There is a good list on the Preditors and Editors webpage. The intent would be to get some publications out there as "professional credits" and then go back to the publishers you are interested in (or even an agent). Another thought would be to try and sell some short stories first as professional credits.
    Finally, there are many editors-for-hire who will do more than just edit your work for content, but also give a market assessment. Not that you have to listen to them, but it might tell you if there is just one or two tweaks you could make that would help out.
    Contacts are good to - i.e. writers workshops.

    In our case, we submit, submit, submit and then while we wait we write, write, write. We love small press and intend to stick with that venue until we have enough readers that it makes sense to approach a Tor or a Baen (or an agent).

    I hope that helps! I've seen your comments and your webpages and I bet you have a lot of great stuff to say! It would be great to get it out there.

  3. thanks for the thoughtful info, i just know i want to people to see the stuff i do, i create, i make... i worked in a job for 9 years where i did that, they closed and i make stuff for the blogs and it fills the passion...

    this company i keep sending to, keeps getting more companies within. so someday (as he crosses his fingers)... i wrote down for things as a reminder to me... for my focus... it is tough

    so thanks for your support and you knowledge!