Friday, April 16, 2010

Ninja Assassin

Watched Ninja Assassin finally. I have been wanting to see it since I first heard news of it.
I was, of course excited because the producers were Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers (of Matrix fame). Unfortunately, the Wachowski brothers have not always wowed me (V for Vendatta was okay and Speed Racer....erm)
I was a bit worried since the script was written over 53 hours just before being sent to the actors. One thing that made me less worried was that the script was rewritten in those 53 hours by J. Michael Stracynzki.
so anyway, the movie is cool. Not The Matrix, maybe about the same coolness as V For Vendetta (without the hot school girl outfit worn by Natalie Portman).
Lots of awesome martial arts. It is waaaay heavy on spurting blood, severed body parts and excessive gore. I am personally not fazed by this, but it is certainly not a movie for kids.
It got mixed reviews and I can understand why. It kind of views like a live-action anime, but a well done live-action anime. Even still, this style of film is not for everyone. Personally, I recommend it. I aspire to write stories like it. Unapologetic in tone. Dedicated to a specific audience. Well put together.

So go see it! Then we can discuss.

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  1. i too am interested, and though i liked the third matrix best... does not mean i am wrong... v for vendetta is a one timer... speed racer i seem to be the only few who enjoyed it... as it followed the cartoon rather than changing it to hollywood-style.

    i like ninjas, i will see this soon!
    thanks for your thoughts!