Friday, April 9, 2010

General News

Lots of random thoughts.

  • The new Clash of the Titans is good, but not great. I like the 1981 version better. The new FX are amazing, but I miss the whimsical style of Ray Harryhausen FX.
  • I am loving Batman Brave and Bold on Cartoon Network. Cool show and it shows some more minor DC heroes
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars continues to get cooler and cooler
  • I am addicted to Smallville, but he needs to fly already!
  • I am reading "Feast of Crows" by George RR Martin. The whole Ice and Fire series has been awesome, but I am almost finished with this book and I need the next one to come out! "Dance of Dragons" has been ongoing for like, 5 years! I need it in a bad way!
  • How to Train Your Dragon was a great movie.
  • I  played some MagicQuest with the kids over Spring Break. fun and immersive.
  • I made a return trip to Medieval Times. My last visit was in 1986. It is still fun.
  • I am feeling really inspired about writing some King Arthur stuff. George RR Martin will do that to me. I might read some Bernard Cornwell next. It does the same. In the meantime, I am playing Medieval: Total War 2. Cool game.
  • On the writing front, Del is working on "Danger Guild" illustrations. I split "Warchitect" into a duology. I have been writing on "Rodentia" and "The Pendragon Chronicles" and "The Forsaken" is being considered by a publisher. If I get a rejection letter from this publisher, I have 2 more lined up who want to see it.
Well, that's this weeks random musings


  1. keep yourself alive!.. end up like me, zombie...

    thanks for the update on clash 2010

  2. i am done with small-vile, last week was the scooby-doo meats wildcat or female beetlejuice...

    fly, someone should just kick him in the super...

  3. Awesome comment about Smallville. Female Beetlejuice was way wonky. Jumping the shark a bit? Even my wife who is very forgiving of cheese was a bit put off by that episode. Maybe it was an anomaly.

  4. the last season, they were heading somewhere... this season everything is being rushed and it is going into the tenth season...
    now i don't think he should ever fly, the show was really built around his younger years... if he does take flight they need to change it to smallvile: metropolis, and fire all the monkeys that write for it, my zombie could write better stuff... maybe salvage it?

    shark jump over itself like a whale show in florida... lol

  5. I see where you're coming from. I wouldn't mind a "Metropolis" show, but then again, the younger years thing is cool too.The writing has suffered this season. I liked the Doomsday season a lot. I am pretty forgiving though. I love superhero shows too much.

  6. heck yes, i am a fan of the super hero tv, movie, comic book... i have been watching the smallville program since day one, turned three of my friends to it... now they call me every monday waiting for me to jump. i think i have...

    now if you don't watch it, but "chuck" has been a great start and strong week to week show... spies and classic movie references..

    i just got done watching the sarrah connor chronicles, wondering why it got the axe...
    i love summer glau, don't tell my wife... she is going to be in a new program called "the cape"... about super heroes...

    so finished thought about the smallville program, it's time to go out with a bang...

    take care!

  7. didn't know about The Cape. Very cool. I will definitely check out Chuck. We were all crazy about Sarah Connor and were totally bummed when it disappeared.