Monday, June 29, 2009


I love vacations. I am always so much more enthused and inspired after getting away for awhile and everything seems so clear to me when I get back. My advice...if you haven't been on vacation in a few months, schedule one. Even if it is a staycation.
Good news. Got some initial interest from a publisher for Forsaken. (Western Gothic novel).
They asked for some revisions, which we happily made, and it is back with them.
Why would we happily make revisions? Some people would say to revise nothing and stay true to the original story. Of course, I would say to those people "have fun self publishing" because most successful publishers feel they know what will sell (and their track records usually support their opinion). So, certain allowances are made.
Of course I am pleased just to get something other than "REJECT".
Now I hope they come back and say "We love it!".

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