Thursday, May 7, 2009

Star Trek Wars

What an auspicious week for us "speculative fiction aficionados"... I suppose that could read "sci-fi geeks" but either label is fine in the case of Green and Gates. It fits. This week saw "Star Wars Day" of course (May in May the fourth be with you) and we all watched Star Wars films, shows, etc (at least I did).
Now, we are approaching the release of the new "Star Trek" which I am, of course, anxiously awaiting. No you won't see me on opening night in a uniform or wearing rubber ears, but I will be there somewhere watching Kirk get the girls and kick butt.
I remember the Star Trek Communicator (a trek magazine) predicting back in the 80's that at some point Trek popularity would wane and it would take a return to the younger Kirk and Spock with different actors to being it back to the forefront. At the time, of course, they were still releasing movies with the original crew and I way! Shatner is Kirk! Now, it looks like the prediction will come true and I can't wait! It's time for a new start.
Wish Roddenberry could see it. Remember Roddenberry "failed" a bunch of times before getting someone to agree to make Star Trek. So...message to creators out there? Keep plugging away!

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