Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is not a music blog of course, but there are lots of similarities in creative processes...hence today's subject.
Does Mick Jagger practice the song "Satisfaction" anymore? I don't know the answer to that of course, but I have an idea. "Satisfaction" was recorded and released in 1965.
I cannot imagine how many times a year Mick has sung "Satisfaction" and yet I suspect he still rehearses it. I suspect all of the Stones still rehearse it.
My point? To be the best in the world, take work and work and work. We may not all be the best in the world, or the Rolling Stones, but we all want to be better than "good enough" and to do so, no matter how much talent or luck we have, we all still have to put in the magic ingredient - dedicated and persistent work.

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