Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unlimited Power!

Have you ever ready "Unlimited Power" by Tony Robbins? I cheesy...he's like the stereotype for every motivational speaker ever!
Having said that, ever since I saw an interview with him about 20 years ago, I have wanted to read his books or listen to his tapes. I mean, why knock it if you haven't tried it?
So, I finally bought "Unlimited Power", which I think was his first book.
So, the thing is, it makes a ton of sense. I love what I am reading so far. I can't give a lot of specifics because I am only partway into it, but I think I know where we are headed.
I think the book is going to show me how to

  1. Define (specifically) what I want to achieve
  2. Believe that thing is achievable
  3. Alter my thoughts, demeanor and physical presence to better help me achieve that goal
  4. Model the steps others have taken to achieve similar goals
  5. Finally - diligently work to achieve my goal
There is much more to it than that, but I have already learned a couple of things. For example, with Green Gates, I haven't quite defined what I specifically want to achieve. Are we Publishers? Writers? Artists? Producers? Directors? All of that? 
In actuality, we are probably all of that...think Walt Disney or George Lucas or even Stan Lee (at least that's my vision). So I need to model that behavior. I need to write everyday, develop scripts, or screenplays or work on short films. The right steps are out there, I just need to discover them...then I need to perform that work day after day after day. 
"We are what we repeatedly do"  - that's not a new quote. That's age-old stuff.

One of my problems is I get a bit fractured. I am a runner, I lift weights, I play music, I am an amateur mixologist, I am an artist, I am a scientist (day job). I need to focus with laser like intensity on an area. I know that and now I need to do it. I am hoping that as I gain more knowledge (like reading "Unlimited Power") I will continue making progress towards my goals...I just need to be very, very specific about what that goal is.


  1. great stuff... sorry have not been around lately... hope all is well.

  2. All is well! Glad to hear from you!