Monday, July 11, 2011

Mass Effect

I first played Mass Effect a few years ago and I was totally hooked! I am not a huge gamer these days, but this game is like playing through a really good sci-fi movie. Maybe more like playing through a really good sci-fi novel. Anyway, the story is great and very immersive.
When Mass Effect 2 came out, I vowed that I had to play it. One thing I loved about it was that your choices in the first game were imported into the second so it was like a mega roleplaying experience.
I finally moved on to Mass Effect 2 and I must say that so far it is even better than the first! You know a game is immersive when you "miss" the characters who haven't shown up for awhile.
So, more on Mass Effect 2 as I play through it, but for now, I will just say that if you haven't played through the Mass Effect universe, and you like immersive storylines in games, then get started! I love how the coices matter so much in this game! Reminds me of the first time I played "Knights of the Old Republic". In Mass Effect 2, the endgame can see your character die, all the characters die or none of the characters die. So choose wisely. I personally, hope to keep everyone alive! (Mass Effect 3 will be coming out soon and I think I will need them!)

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